Friday, April 28, 2006

Nature Vs. Culture

Is this important?.
As Ronnie Reagan said " You have seen one Redwood you have seen them all." So it seems that this flower is doomed, but are there parallel implications to our own existence?


Poleg River and Yakkum

The flow in the river is genuine water as the result of the blessed April rains. Usually this is not the case and this river is used as alternative sewer drainage. The arrow in the photograph points to Yakkum, where I live.

Indigenous Architecture

On the other side of the hill stand two Palestinian houses from 1948. Made from local rocks the stand silent and persevere.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Architectural Masterpiece

Next to where the Anthemis brachycarpa is making its last stand I watched this house. I thought who is the architect who created this masterpiece. I recalled my friend Victor saying: "There is nothing more primitive than a straight line."

Poleg river with Roman Tunnel

The Poleg is an old river. The rocky hills blocked it way to the sea and it created problematic marshes. The Romans cut through this hill in order to ensure the free flow towards the mediterranean which is about two kilometers west of this location.

Anthemis brachycarpa with my hand

Posted by Picasa One is moved by this experience. When I view nature around here, I view it as very temporal. Incidentaly the main branch of Ikea Israel is a mile away from this location.....

Anthemis brachycarpa scale

Posted by Picasa Give it scale and a touch....

Anthemis brachycarpa close

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Anthemis brachycarpa on rock

I was talking to Prof. Avi Shmida of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, who told me about this flower. According to him this is it - the about four hundred plants in this location are the last ones in Israel and maybe on this plant. I went and photographed these flowers, thinking how did it felt to see the last Californian Condor....

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Site of Anthemis brachycarpa

Location of the camomile known as
Anthemis brachycarpa

Anthemis brachycarpa

Location of Anthemis brachycarpa or in Hebrew Kachvan Ktzar Peirot